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Neuromarketing: The Case in Favour

Neuromarketing as a discipline has been on the receiving end of some bad press recently.

The media has had a field day with stories about how brands plan to use neuromarketing techniques to manipulate consumers into buying products and services they do not necessarily need or want.

To be fair this largely reflects the message neuromarkting ‘experts’ have been communicating to existing and potential clients. The essence of the message being that adopting neuromarketing techniques will make brand advertising and the selling process more effective.

This has generated something of a backlash from certain segments of the academic and scientific community who have questioned the credibility of the discipline and some of its loudest advocates.

What has been seemingly overlooked in all this noise is the very real benefits that neuromarketing techniques applied effectively and ethically offers consumers.

Products and services designed with consumers’ neuro needs in mind will be by default better. Neuro developed product and brands will more recognisable, easier to use and deliver higher levels of satisfaction. None of these are negative attributes and nor should the be perceived as such.

It is clear that we are merely scratching the surface of the benefits neuromarketing can bring. As the discipline matures it is essential that neuromarketing practitioners continue to boldly highlight the benefits to consumers as well as brands.



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