Welcome to the tdgNeuroBrand blog.

tdgNeuroBrand is a pioneering research project lead by tdg The Design Group in conjunction with Durham Business School to better understand individuals’ emotional relationships with consumer brands.

The 36 month project will develop an innovative methodology for identifying the crucial subconscious and emotional factors influencing consumer purchase decisions and responses to fast-moving consumer goods brands.

Today 8 out of 10 new product launches fail within 3 months. Existing research also indicates that 84% of decisions are being made in the emotional part of the brain. Yet traditional research methods have been wholly inadequate focusing as they do on conscious responses by consumers. The new methodology that will grow out of this project will help create better branding and design solutions and more successful launches.

The tdgNeuroBrand project is being funded by the Technology Strategy Board as part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme. The KTP scheme helps business improve their competitiveness adn productivity through better use of knowledge, technology and skills that exist within the UK today.

Consumer behaviour expert Dr Hazel H Huang, Lecturer in Marketing at Durham Business School is the academic partner supervising the project. Durham Business School research Joanna Westerman will join tdg The Design Group as a full-time KTP Associate during the life of the project.

Insights and learnings from the project will be shared on the blog and also via our twitter handle @tdgNeuroBrand.



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